Jameis Winston Suited Up For Pregame Reps…Even Though He’s Suspended For The Game

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Jameis, buddy, you’re suspended. That means no football today. Big Dog Jimbo isn’t letting you play today. Sorry bud.

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Honestly this is all on FSU. Jameis was just getting ready to throw all over Clemson today.  Going over the term “suspension” should have been atop of the ‘to do list’ before the game. Instead they let Jaboo do what Jaboo does and that’s play football.

Budweiser’s New Drinking And Driving Commercial Is Glass Case Of Emotion

Well done by Budweiser. Can’t really say anything else about this commercial. They proved that drinking and driving is a horrible decision. And that dogs are infinity times better than cats. If they even had a cat then all the creditability of this commercial would have gone out the window. Not one cat on this earth would have cared if you didn’t come home. Any dog would have been heart broken if you never came home after one night, let alone forever. The dogs vs. cats debate is all but over now.

But seriously don’t drink in drive. Call a cab, use Uber just do anything else but drive drunk. It’s not worth having a depressed dog because you made an awful decision one night.

Brazilian Guy Grabs A Monsterous Anaconda By Its Tail

Action begins at 2:52

Fuck that anaconda bullshit. That had to be the loch ness monster. There’s no other explanation for creature to be lurking around a river that’s that big. Either way, why the fuck would you grab it? Thats how you die bro. You’re lucky Mr. Loch Ness was in a good mood that day. He would have turned on you in a heart beat and devoured everyone in that paddle boat in one bite.

Here’s some advice little Brazilian Man. Next time just get the fuck out of there. Plain and simple.


Florida State Has Now Suspended Jameis Winston For The Whole Clemson Game


Florida State has suspended quarterback Jameis Winston for the entire game Saturday night against No. 22 Clemson, the school announced late Friday.

Winston, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner for the top-ranked Seminoles, originally had been suspended for just the first half against the visiting Tigers after a profane and sexually explicit outburst in the student union on campus earlier this week.

But Florida State decided to extend his suspension to the entire game because Winston was not entirely truthful or forthcoming regarding Tuesday’s incident, a source told ESPN.

“Based upon the results of our continuing investigation of Tuesday’s incident involving Jameis Winston, we have decided to not play him for the entire game against Clemson on Saturday night,” interim Florida State president Garnett S. Stokes and athletic director Stan Wilcox said in a joint statement Friday night.

Winston was seen shouting an obscene sexual phrase on campus Tuesday, the latest incident in which his off-field behavior has caused headaches for the team and university.

Florida State students began flooding Twitter as several witnessed the star quarterback allegedly stand on a table in or in the immediate vicinity of the student union and yell obscenities, mimicking a popular Internet video.

When announcing the original ban Wednesday, Stokes and Wilcox denounced Winston’s behavior, calling it “offensive and vulgar” in a joint statement.

In a Wednesday news conference, Winston apologized for his “selfish” act.

“First of all, I want to apologize to the university, my coaches and to my teammates,” he said. “I’m not a ‘me’ person, but in that situation, it was a selfish act, and that’s not how you do things around here.

“I want to apologize to my teammates because I have now made a selfish act for them. That’s all.”

On Thursday, Seminoles coach Jimbo Fisher dismissed any criticism that Winston’s original half-game suspension was too light.

“We’re in charge. It’s our team. That’s our thought,” he said. “We went with the consequences and we’re ready to move on.”

Tuesday’s incident was just the latest involving Winston.

He was investigated in 2013 for sexual assault, but Willie Meggs, the state attorney for the Second Judicial Circuit, chose not to charge Winston in December. Florida State is still following through with its Title IX investigation into the matter.

Winston also was suspended from the baseball team for three games and ordered to perform 20 hours of community service after being cited for stealing $32 worth of crab legs from a local grocery store in April. There have been other minor run-ins with authorities, but no arrests.

Backup quarterback Sean Maguire, a sophomore who has completed 16 of his 26 attempts in mop-up duty during his FSU career, will start in Winston’s place against the Tigers.

“[Fisher] told me to be ready and said the game plan is not changing, this team is not changing, we’re going to go out in the first half and do everything we usually would,” Maguire said Thursday. “He had all the confidence in the world in me. He expects nothing to change just as so do I. … It’s a cliché answer but it’s true: Nothing really has changed this week.”

The winner of the Clemson-Florida State matchup has played in the ACC title game the past five years. Saturday will be the first game the Seminoles have played without Winston since the start of 2013, and they are 16-0 during that stretch.

Suspending Jameis Winston for a full game for yelling out “fuck her right in the pussy” makes Florida State the next team to fall to public pressure. Without social media, FSU wouldn’t even of known that this whole thing existed. They fucked this whole situation WAY MORE then it should have been. Has Jameis fucked up in the past? Yes. Is yelling out “fhritp” immature? Yes. But there was no need to suspend him at all, let alone a full game. If FSU wanted to really send a message to Jameis then they should have kept him active up until kick-off and then announced Maguire as the starter. But instead they blew this whole situation out of proportion and made Jameis look 100x worse. If you’re not gonna suspend him while he’s under rape allegations then don’t suspend him for acting like a 20 year old college kid. It’s simple as that.

FSU and everyone else who connected this to his past needs to get their head out of their ass. There is ZERO connection to an internet meme and rape allegations. Anyone who’s saying so is just either a Jameis Winston hater, a hater of FSU or you just want to side with the majority of America. Has the US really gotten this soft? A 20 year old college QB yells out obscenities on campus and it causes a major uproar? It’s embarrassing.

Hey Rest Of NFL, You Still Shouldn’t Kick The Ball To Devin Hester

I thought this was common knowledge after Hester just torched up special teams after special teams with the Bears. Tampa Bay still hasn’t gotten the memo and got torched on a 62 yard return. Hester’s now the all time leader in returns for touchdowns. 20 TD’s on special teams definitely deserves some Hall of Fame consideration.

He swagged the fuck out of his return with some vintage Deion Sanders high stepping into the end zone.


Hey Tampa Bay, down by 35 at half isn’t that bad. Good job, good effort.


Swaggy P aka Nick Young Is Making The Rookies On LA Call Him ‘Daddy Swag’


Fans know Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young as Swaggy P, but Young’s rookie teammates have to call him something different.

In an NBA.com video, Swaggy P revealed that rookie teammates Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson have to call him something special as part of their “rookie duties.”

Well the rooks know. Y’all gotta ask them what they gotta call me all year. When you talk to them next time, ask Jordan (Clarkson) what he calls me every morning, and ask Julius (Randle) what he calls me every morning. … 

It’s got a little Swag in it.

What exactly do the rookies have to call him? 

Here’s what Clarkson said: “We call him Scrappy Feet. Ugly feet. Naw, he told me to call him Daddy Swag. … That’s a rookie duty, so I’ll make sure I get it done.”

Randle was not as upfront about the nickname that he has to call Young. He did a good job of mumbling through his answer, as to not make public what he has to call his veteran teammate.

It’s no secret that veterans have rookies do certain things just for fun. It happens in every sport, and something like this is no big deal. It may be embarrassing to reveal what a player has to call his veteran teammate, but this is relatively nothing compared to some of the other things that rookies have had to do to get their teammates’ respect.

As Swaggy P said, he’s going to have some fun with these rookies.

Visit NBA.com to see Young, Clarkson and Randle talk about the “rookie duties.”

Nick Young is winning every aspect of life. He’s a NBA shooting guard who’s fucking arguably the nicest ass in the music game. Having the rooks call you Daddy Swag just means you officially made it to the top.

It’s just Swaggy P’s Daddy Swag’s world and we’re just living in it

Now que the gif!