Michael Irvin Live Tweets His Hummer Running Out Of Gas

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WOW is right Mike. Who the fuck still drives a hummer? We’re not in 2003. Get with the program.

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Nothing like being saved by an older Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite. Selfie Time!


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Hahaha lolz, you get it? It’s funny because it looks like they’re stealing a nice car! Great joke Mike!

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Do you get this one haha? It’s a relevant joke because people complain about gas prices. Irvin’s got jokes for daaayys.

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#TheStruggleIsReal #PrayForMichael

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Jamaican Chef: A Drug Dealer That Doesn’t Hide Anything

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Most drug dealers are very shady about their business. They’ll have you meet them around a sketchy-ass alleyway or building that’s infested with homeless people, aids and rats. Then some sketchy shit will go down with not enough weed or money and it’ll just be a shit show.

Jamaican Chef isn’t one of those drug dealers. He rocks all his weed around his neck like he’s Flava Flav so you know what you’re getting. He’ll supply you with Chef’s finest Jamaican weed balls wherever and whenever with no strings attached. You wanna get baked on the beach during your vacation? No problem. Jamaican Chef will be there in a flash. He doesn’t give a shit that there’s cops right behind him either. He’s probably supplying those cops with the finest kush in all of Jamaica. All Jamaican Chef cares about is being the #1 drug dealer in the world.

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Manny Pacquiao Took A Shot Floyd Mayweather In A Footlocker Ad



(You’re welcome for the visual Floyd)

Pacquiao needs to cancel his fight against Chris Algieri and Floyd needs to cancel anymore twerk parties he might have scheduled so they can fight on New Years Day in Dallas at AT&T Stadium. It may be a last second PPV but it’s guaranteed that it’d be the most viewed ever just because they’ve been hyping this up for years now. It’s time for both of them to nut up or shut up. They’ve been taking shots back and forth at each other for too long to not fight.

If this fight ever does happen, Footlocker should demand some of the Pay Per View money. They advertised their Week of Greatness campaign while pushing for a Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight. This commercial was absolute gold.


Filipino Basketball Players Rocks The Lizard Haircut


I’d say this would be surprising if I saw someone in America rocking the lizard haircut. In the States, most people are normal humans that do normal human stuff like getting a simple combover or lineup as their haircut. Sure we have those hipster douchebags that go above and beyond to be different so they might rock the lizard just because. For the most part though, Americans are normal human beings.

But this was in the Philippines so it’s a whole different ballgame.

Now I don’t know anything about the Philippines and won’t pretend I know anything, but it can’t just be Ogie Menor that rocks the lizard on his head. There has to be more people down there that love having the lizard cut. It doesn’t matter if it’s Filipino hipsters (if they exist down there) that think the lizards cool or if it’s little 10 year old kids that look up to Menor. Someone else down there has to be reppin the lizard. I just see it as something they’d think is popular and cool.


Wikipedia Said Emmanuel Sanders Died.. Emmanuel Sanders Proved Wikipedia Right

If you somehow missed the Emmanuel Sanders hit over the weekend here it is..sanders.0.0.0

I’m 110% sure that Sanders was dead for at least .8 seconds after this hit, if not longer.

Wikipedia even backed up my thought by updating Emmanuel’s page.


Hell! They even updated Rodney McLeod’s page, arresting and convicting him of murder.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 10.53.27 PM

Well now Emmanuel Sanders took to Twitter to show the world what Heaven’s really like

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 10.52.17 PM

This looks like a place I could get used to. You got bitches, who are definitely down to fuck, draped all over you, grannies repping your squads jersey and unlimited bottles**. I’ll take this heaven any day of the week.

**This must be athlete heaven. There’s no way normal person heaven is anything like this. It’s probably like a rundown shack that only serves plain rubinoff, has a DJ who only plays music from every “Now That’s What I Call Music” CD and is filled with chicks who are soft 6’s.


Example Infinity On Why Dogs Are 100x Better Than Cats


A 4-year-old part-Beagle named Buddy who hung on for miles to the outside of an ambulance that had his owner inside is quickly becoming a viral star.

“His stardom has taken off tremendously, to say the least,” Brian Wright told ABC News.

It was Wright who first shared the story of Buddy’s heroic efforts to local media around the Mason, Texas, ranch where Buddy lives with his owner, J.R. Nicholson.

Nicholson, 85, was taken by ambulance late last month to Hill Country Memorial Hospital after complaining of dizziness.

Wright stayed behind to close up the ranch and noticed that Buddy was missing but, he says, had no reason to be concerned.

“Buddy is part Beagle and I never get too concerned when he’s missing because he always comes back,” Wright said.

When Wright arrived at the hospital a short time later, medical staff told him that Nicholson was stable and that Buddy was there at the hospital too.

“They told me they rode anywhere from 15 to 21 miles until a motorist flagged them down and told them there was a dog on the side of the ambulance,” Wright said.

The first responders pulled Buddy into the ambulance, where he rode the rest of the nearly one-hour drive to the hospital.

The road that Buddy traversed while hanging onto the ambulance included twists and hills, a bridge and a highway.

“Buddy was not injured,” Wright said. “That’s the only reason it’s such a good story.”

Buddy, whom Nicholson’s daughter got him from a shelter four months ago, is used to riding along on utility vehicles around the ranch, according to Wright.

Those involved believe it was likely that familiarity with being on the road plus the sight of his beloved owner leaving that prompted Buddy to jump on the ambulance.

“I don’t think he wanted to leave his buddy, his best friend,” Wright said.

The story had an even happier ending because Nicholson was also able to leave the hospital that same day, with no complications.

Both owner and dog are now back at home and adjusting to life in the spotlight. The pair, along with Wright, was on their way back from a photo shoot when reached today by ABC News.

Wright says they hope their happy story inspires other people to do two things.

“Going to an animal shelter and helping a dog or thanking first responders because we think those are the most important things right now,” he said.

I think dogs are just showing off now. They already won the Cats vs. Dogs debate years ago but they still go above and beyond to prove their dominance.

We see videos all the times of dogs greeting their military owners after coming home from the service.

We hear stories of dogs protecting or saving people from dangerous situations.

And now we have Buddy the Beagle riding 20 miles on the side of an ambulance to make sure his owner is safe. Such an unreal story. Buddy deserves unlimited treats from this day until his last.

Now show me a cat even attempt any of this. You Can’t. They’re too busy being little pieces of shit who only think about themselves.