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New England Patriots Week 5 Recap

Wow. That’s all I can say about the New England Patriots performance against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday Night Football. All this week, pretty much everyone (including myself) questioned if this team was going in the wrong direction. I guess Belichick, Brady and the rest of the Patriots answered that for us real quick.


For the first time this season, I finally saw some sort of identity from this offense. The opening drive said it all when they just pounded it down the throat of the Bengals, eventually ending in a Stevan Ridley touchdown. Their offense the rest of the game was just clicking on all cylinders.

A motivated Tom Brady is a very scary Tom Brady. He was throwing the ball all over the Bengals secondary (23/35 292 yards, 2 touchdowns). It’s still obvious that he has lost a step over the years, but tonight reminded me of 2007 Brady. He just was in a zone that I haven’t seen all year.

The offensive line was the biggest improvement of the week. They opened up wholes to allow the rushing game to get 220 yards, gave Brady plenty of time to throw for 292 yards and, what I think is the most shocking stat of all, only allowed 1 sack. This o-line still isn’t a top 20 o-line in the league but tonight gave all us Patriots fans some hope.

Stevan Ridley carried the load out of the backfield with 27 carries for 113 yards and 1 touchdown. Shane Vereen also put up good numbers out of the backfield, rushing for 90 yards on 9 carries.

Rob Gronkowski looked to be slowly getting back to form with 6 catches for 100 yards and a 1 touchdown. It seems like he’s getting more comfortable out on the field after coming off of the ACL injury. If he can stay healthy, (which is a big if), I believe he can be Brady’s number #2 again. I know in my other post I questioned if Gronk would be the Gronk of old. I still stand by that. He’s long past those days. But IF he can stay healthy, then I’ll put him back to Brady’s #2 target behind Julian Edleman.

Tim Wright #81

 New England Patriots Week 5 Recap

Tim Wright FINALLY appeared in this Patriots offense (5 catches, 85 yards, 1 Touchdown). I called him the biggest offensive disappointment of the season so far based off of who he was traded for. If he got traded for a backup lineman then I probably wouldn’t have mentioned his name. It was great to see him involved in this offense as a Aaron Hernandez type tight-end. Wright lined up in the backfield, out at wide receiver and at the traditional tight end spot. He’s going to be the game changer of this offense. If he can continue to have similar games like this one, then that Logan Mankins trade doesn’t look so bad. If this was just a one week ordeal then everyone is going to question why he’s on the team.

Defense/Special Teams

This was the best defensive game they’ve played all year. The energy and aggressiveness they played with just overpowered the Bengals offense. They made big play after big play in key moments of this game.

Darrelle Revis #24

 New England Patriots Week 5 Recap

Darrelle Revis kept AJ Green on Revis island all night. Green was pretty much irrelevant all game, until Revis got hurt (Green scored his only TD against Logan Ryan). Revis also had a interception get called back on offsetting penalties, but it’s the thought that counts. Either way, this was the game Revis needed to have to prove he’s worth the 1 year $12million contract. Revis Island has been a tourist attraction for wide receivers for most of the season. It seems like now Revis Island is closing off their borders and only allowing #1 receivers to visit.

Jamie Collins stuck out to me at linebacker. I know Jerod Mayo had a good game like he always does. Collins really proved his worth tonight. Every time there was a big play, he was at the ball. He recovered a huge AJ Green fumble which lead to a Stephen Gostkowski field goal.

Brandon Bolden would usually play special teams, get his 5 carries at running back and have a minimal impact on the game. Not tonight. He caused a fumble on the ensuing kickoff (after Gronks touchdown) that ended any thought the Bengals might have had of coming back.

My Final Thoughts

Now one win against arguably the best team in the AFC isn’t enough to claim the Patriots are back. This is still a 3-2 team that has a long way to go. It’s a great stepping stone though.

This Patriots team was a totally different team we’ve seen Weeks 1-4. The efficiency, energy and aggression this team played with against the Bengals is exactly how they need to play the rest of the season. The Patriots are no where the most talented offensive or defensive team in the league. When they have a fire under them though it’s whole different ball game. Belichick needs to continue to preach whatever’s he has said this past week at practice. With that being said, it’s on the Buffalo.

Little Side Note Of The Game

My hat goes off to New England Patriots organization and fans who gave Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still some praise in the 3rd quarter.

Devon Still and Leah Still

Screen Shot 2014 09 25 at 11.21.25 AM 300x297 New England Patriots Week 5 Recap

As most of you may know, Still’s daughter Leah was diagnosed with cancer. The Bengals kept still on the practice squad to help pay for her treatment. He eventually earned a spot on the 53 man roster. The Bengals then put Still’s #75 jersey for sale on the team website with all proceeds going towards her treatment and cancer research. Well long story short, Leah is almost 100% cancer free.

The Patriots cheerleaders dressed up in Stills #75 jerseys, Devon Still was showed up the jumbo-tron and all of Gillette Stadium gave Still a standing ovation. It was a real class act by all involved.

 New England Patriots Week 5 Recap

Texas A&M QB Kyle Allen Was Caught Spittin’ Game On The Sidelines

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Kyle Allen, Texas A&M Backup Quarterback

Your team is getting beat by 21 at the time? Ah, it’s no big deal. Take her back to A&M with you and show her the Aggie Way. He was probably telling her how he’s gonna wreck the SEC once Kenny Trill’s time is done. Definitely dropped Johnny Manziel’s name in there a couple of times too.

Kyle, people are gonna hate on you for “not staying in the game.” Screw ‘em. When you’re a backup QB at a big name school you should only have 3 simple tasks. Hold the clipboard, tell everyone outside the team you’re a QB, and spit game with smokeshows on the sideline.

Keep doing you Youngblood.


To the attractive female:

Hi I’m Nate Vieira. I’d like to let you know that I just scored 4 TD’s in a flag football game today. If things don’t work out between you and Kyle Allen, I’m here to talk.

DM on twitter if you’d like


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Parent Of The Year Award Goes To Kim Kardashian

Directions for you to follow:

Watch the video on Worldstar HipHop since I can’t embed it. Then read the blog.

Kim K is just killing the parent game right now. Nothing says “I love my child” more like leaving them behind in a hotel room.

Now in her defense ,she lives a really busy life. I mean c’mon now. Just imagine being famous off of a sextape, a father who defended OJ Simpson and a mother who whores out her daughters. She’s the real hardworking, blue collar American here. I’d take working a 9-5 job at $14 an hour over making millions off of that any day of the week. So leave Kim Kardashian alone America. She’s a hard working, caring pornstar/mother who really loves her child.

West Virginia Football Had A WWE Match In The Locker Room And It Was Awesome

(some NSFW language)

Hats off to WVU Football. They know exactly what the fans want to watch and that’s true wrestling. This match had more action in it than any WWE match in a while. “Oh the guy got 3 counted? Ok match over” WRONG. These boys fight till they can’t fight no more. Hey WWE, enough of this scripted bullshit. Take some notes from the WVU football team and maybe you’ll be relevant again. In the mean time just enjoy taking the back seat to them.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Los Angeles Clippers

Top 5 Backcourts In The NBA

As most of you might know, Dion Waiters and John Wall had some words about whose backcourt is better, the Wizards or the Cavs. Then Steph Curry chimed in and said the Warriors have the best backcourt in the NBA.

Well enough is enough. It was time for me to put this debate to an end.

Honorable Mentions:

Toronto Raptors: Kyle Lowry & DeMar DeRozan

hi res 6cbd6a30f25f4fa68fde246edbd5366f crop north Top 5 Backcourts In The NBA

Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving & Dion Waiters

Charlotte Hornets: Kemba Walker & Lance Stephenson

Portland Trailblazers: Damian Lillard & Wes Matthews

6918286 Top 5 Backcourts In The NBA

Houston Rockets: Patrick Beverly & James Harden

Brooklyn Nets: Deron Williams & Joe Johnson

1st.) Golden State Warriors: Steph Curry & Klay Thompson

156976182 stephen curry and klay thompson of the golden state crop north Top 5 Backcourts In The NBA

Curry and Thompson are on another level right now. Any backcourt that involves the best pure 3pt shooter at point guard in the NBA along side arguably the best 2way shooting guard deserves to be #1.

2nd.) Washington Wizards: John Wall & Bradley Beal

79104861 Top 5 Backcourts In The NBA

The potential Wall and Beal have is through the roof. Last season was just a teaser of what these two can do. This year the Wall and Beal show is gonna be full display.

3rd.) Phoenix Suns: Goran Dragic & Eric Bledsoe

hi res 458213085 eric bledsoe and goran dragic of the phoenix suns smile crop north Top 5 Backcourts In The NBA

This dynamic duo was very underrated last year because of the stacked Western Conference. Dragic is the 2nd best European guard in the league and Bledsoe is a superstar in the making. Look for them to do damage in the West this year.

4th.) Oklahoma City Thunder: Russell Westbrook & Reggie Jackson

russell westbrook and reggie jackson 1024x681 Top 5 Backcourts In The NBA

Jackson bursted onto the scene last season when Westbrook went down with an injury. If these can play along side each other, then the rest of the NBA needs to be on lookout.

5th.) Los Angeles Clippers: Chris Paul & J.J. Redick 

7908000 Top 5 Backcourts In The NBA

This couldn’t have been a top 5 NBA backcourt list without having CP3 aka the best Point Guard in the game on it. He makes any NBA backcourt a top one by just being on the team. J.J. Redick is no scrub either. Leave him open from 3 and it’s almost guaranteed to go in.